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Beyond Barriers: Understanding & Countering Unconscious Bias
Embark on a transformative journey to understand unconscious bias.

Winpe, in collaboration with Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association, is delighted to introduce a pioneering initiative designed to address the subtle biases that can influence decision-making. We invite firms, as well as both men and women from the PE/VC industry, to begin their exploration of unconscious biases and equip themselves with effective tools to combat them.

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Bias Meter: Identify Your Unconscious BiasesIndividualSelf-paced, Online
WorkshopFirm/ IndividualIn-person, Collective

Diversity Drives Innovation

Embrace diverse backgrounds & perspectives to fuel growth.

Equal Opportunities

Combat biases for fair hiring and advancement.

Tap Full Talent

Overcome biases for a broader talent pool.

Boost Innovation

Diverse teams spark creative solutions.

Attract Investment

Inclusion appeals to forward-looking investors.

Positive Culture

Inclusion enhances the workplace environment.

Legal & Reputation

Addressing biases avoids legal and reputational risks.

Global Leadership

Inclusivity showcases social responsibility.