Winpe Member Manifesto

Winpe mission partners have collectively identified the following priorities for their joint action towards enhancing gender diversity within the investing ecosystem:
  1. Winpe partners will step up efforts for diversity in hiring by pushing for a diverse talent pipeline and incorporating a blind screening process (including redacted CVs removing names and other indications of gender, case studies). The diversity targets for inward talent pipeline will be set on a confidential basis to maintain merit and credibility in hiring.
  2. Winpe and its partners will support mid career women professionals from the industry through a structured mentorship program to be run by WinPE.
  3. Winpe partners will introduce a conversation on diversity within their firms and portfolio companies, enhancing awareness and sensitization within the ecosystem.
  4. Winpe partners will seek for their portfolio companies to measure appropriate diversity metrics and report annually.
  5. Winpe partners will ask for commitment and measurement on Equal Pay at KMP level in portfolio companies.
  6. Winpe partners will support outreach at campuses that are hiring grounds for the industry to champion awareness among female candidates.